My name is Sébastien Lagarde and I am currently a senior rendering programmer at EA DICE/Frostbite.

Previously I was a senior engine/graphic programmer at Dontnod entertainment (Paris – France) working on “Remember Me” :


Linkedin profile:


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  1. John Roberts says:

    Hello Sebastien,
    Is there an article on how the context signage in Remember Me was done in Unreal? The text is so clear and legible. I am looking to use a UDK environment with augmented glasses, for some specialized training, and drop down context signage will be a major part of the glass interface. I have read all of your articles I can find on the web, you are one of the few that takes the time to share your techniques, thanks, it is really appreciated by us mortals. I have lectured in Paris many times, and the wet, rain, bright reflections, texture realism, sky, brought the Paris of Remember Me to life. Most amazing environments of any game.

    • seblagarde says:


      thank you.

      Not sure what you mean by “context signage”. But all “floating” UI from the Sensen has been done through Scaleform. And no, we haven’t published anything on it as this is simply Scaleform usage.


  2. John Roberts says:

    Thanks so much for your reply. By context signage I meant the shop signs and platform signs that pop up when you get close to them. Please excuse my ignorance, are you saying these in game signs were done with Scaleform, not just the QTEs and menu screens? I just won a five year battle with stage 4 “incurrable” Ampullary cancer. I am afraid the chemo has wiped some of my brain cells, so I am a bit slower than I use to be. Thanks again Sebastien, love your work, I could almost smell the freshly baked baguetts in the shop windows, and the trash in the lower parts! But most of all I loved the rain and wet, with drops rolling off the glass. Fealt real, very immersive.

    • seblagarde says:

      Yes all the signage, even those carried by flying robot are done with scaleform. They are simple flash/vectoriel bitmap rendre in a texture then mapper on a 3D objects ( and most of the Time for performance reasons we convert the vectoriel image in simple 2D image of offline).


  3. John Roberts says:

    Thanks Sebastien, can’t wait to give it a try!

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