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This blog aim to provide articles related to graphics in game. Their purposes are to be use as references by myself and any other people interested. To facilitate the navigation in this blog I will use this site map page.

Unlike traditional blog I would like to keep the articles up to date when this have interest. Thus every post have a version number. When I add an information to an article I increment the version and add a comment at its end with some details on what have changes. As WordPress don’t allow me to set up the link of my post and so break reference to the post when I update them, I will use this posts to provide information of last articles update.

Last update articles:

09/09/2017: Siggraph 2017: Physically based rendering, Where are We ?

All articles:

Water drop series:

This is a series of post which provide many informations on rendering a rainy world in game. They talk about many topics like rendering of rain, rainy FX, puddles, ripples, wet surfaces, reflections… with physically based rendering.

Water drop 1 – Observe rainy world : V1.2

Water drop 2a – Dynamic rain and its effects : V1.3

Water drop 2b – Dynamic rain and its effects : V1.1

Water drop 3a – Physically based wet surfaces : V1.3

Water drop 3b – Physically based wet surfaces : V1.3

Water drop 4a – Reflecting wet world : V 1.0


Link to slides and course notes of SIGGRAPH2017 talk of Sébastien Lagarde (Me): Physically based rendering, where we are ?:

Siggraph 2017: Physically based rendering, Where are We ?

Link to slides and course notes of SIGGRAPH2016 talk of Sébastien Lagarde (Me), Sébastien Lachambre and Cyril Jover: An artist friendly workflow for panoramic hdri:

Siggraph 2016: An artist friendly workflow for panoramic hdri

Link to slides and course notes of SIGGRAPH2014 talk of Sébastien Lagarde (Me) and Charles de Rousiers: Moving Frostbite to PBR:

Siggraph 2014 : Moving Frostbite to Physically based rendering

Slides of Sébastien Lagarde (Me) and Laurent Harduin (Lighting artist) at the GDC Europe 2013 about the art and rendering of Remember Me:

GDCEurope 2013 talk : The art and rendering of Remember Me

Slides of Sébastien Lagarde (Me) and Antoine Zanuttini conferences at Siggraph 2012 and Game Connection 2012 about a method to include fast reflection everywhere on your scene with good enough quality for PS3/XBOX360 platforms:

Siggraph 2012 and Game Connection 2012 talk : Local Image-based Lighting With Parallax-corrected Cubemap

I write a complete article on the topic of the above conferences with more details and code:

Image-based Lighting approaches and parallax-corrected cubemap : v1.28

Me and Antoine Zanuttini describe an extention for this method with image proxies in a GPU Pro 4 article:

GPU Pro 4 – Practical planar reflections using cubemaps and image proxies (with video)

FXGuide Game environment series on the rendering of Remember Me:

FXGuide Game environment series based on Remember Me

Physically based rendering:

Here are few articles on the subject of physically based rendering. They describe the physically based workflow we use at Dontnot entertainment for our game “Remember Me” edited by Capcom. There is also a documentation for the tools ModifiedCubemagen (A fork of the AMD cubemagen with new features for PBR):

Adopting a physically based shading model : v1.31

Feeding a physically based shading model : v1.0

DONTNOD specular and glossiness chart

Dontnod physically based rendering chart for Unreal Engine 4

AMD Cubemapgen for physically based rendering : v1.66

IES light format: Specification and reader


These are article aiming to explain a rendering subject, focus on a rendering optimization or provide memo/tips on rendering stuff:

Inverse trigonometric functions GPU optimization for AMD GCN architecture: v2.0

Memo on Fresnel equations : v1.4

Spherical Gaussian approximation for Blinn-Phong, Phong and Fresnel

Relationship between Phong and Blinn lighting model : v1.1

PI or not to PI in game lighting equation : v3.1

Lighting techniques:

Posts related to lighting technique in a renderer. There is an article on creen space SH lighting method and another on weathering and aging effects:

Dive in SH buffer idea

Weathering and aging effects in the hand of artists : v1.1


2 Responses to All posts and recent updates

  1. HellDunkel says:


    I have been completely annoyed with the process of generating cubemaps until today. Especially HDR Shop is a horrible tool! 😉 After searching the internet for hours and installing hundreds of megabytes of shady freeware I finally gave up on the idea of finding a tool that can batch render panoramic transformations on .HDR images to produce dds cubemaps… It just isnt there!

    So I had to force myself to get going with visual studio and make some more modifications to the already quite heavily modified CubeMapGenerator that Sebastien, was kind enough to share with us all. Finally its now possible to batch render cubemaps from lat-long HDRs without any steps inbetween- 100% cost free.

    In case anyone is as desparate as I was for this, I would be happy to share with you all! I cant commit the code to the repository since its read only and probably was never intended to be a community project of that kind.

    Thanks to Sebastien for the MCMG and highly interesting read!

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